Get Involved

There are a few ways you can get involved with the term limits issue.

We’re starting this initiative in the state of Maine but hope to replicate this grassroots model across other states as momentum builds. If you are not in the state of Maine, please subscribe to our email list and we can tell you when we’re in your state. If you know someone in the state of Maine, please share this link with them. 

1. Contact Governor Lepage about term limits on November’s ballot.

We need 61,123 signatures in the state of Maine to get a constitutional convention on the state ballot. That said, it is too late to get on the 2017 ballot without Governor Paul Lepage’s nomination.

Contact Governor Lepage’s office by:

  1. Filling out this form.
  2. Sending a postcard (they get processed more quickly than anything sent in an envelope: Governor Paul Lepage, 1 State House Sta, Augusta, ME 04333
  3. Call (207) 287-3531

When contacting, say your name, town (constituents in the state of Maine will be addressed before those from other states), and something like the following.

“Congressional term limits are important to me and I’d like to get behind a ballot initiative for 2017. Please put congressional term limits on the state ballot in November.”

2. Join our email newsletter and follow us on social media.

We’ll be putting out educational posts as well as locations of petition drives, ways for you to get involved and more. Leave comments, ask questions, we want this to be a two way conversation, even if we are the ones starting it. Links to subscribe via email and find us on social media are on the this page.

Note: If our work does not get Governor Lepage to put this important issue on the ballot, we’ll be able to notify you if a petition is set up for 2018.

3. Sign US petition for term limits.

Join the over 20,000 people who have signed a petition for a national constitutional convention.

4. Share on social media.

By sharing the message on social media, you’ll help us get the governor to put congressional term limits on the Maine ballot in November 2017.