Fake News

Fake news. Headlines are everywhere. The Republicans say the Democrats have fake news. The Democrats say the Republicans have fake news. Let me tell you what the real fake news is. It’s in Washington. It’s called our United States Congress. That’s fake news.

They’re sitting there as careers. They stay there for 10, 20, 30 years, till they die. They never get out. They run for election again and again, and they never stop rerunning for election. They come home and BS their constituents, tell you what you want to hear and then back they go. If anything, this last year in politics has created a big stir.

We want you to add to the stir and get behind us at MaxTermLimits.com. We’re going to lead the way with the Term Limits Convention Article 5 in the State of Maine. We need 34 states, we need your help. It’s time that the people stand up in Maine and say, we’ve had enough of this, career politicians. We’re going to show the rest of the country that when Maine unites together for a common cause of reform, and we mean business, we’re going to take a leadership position and throw these people out of Washington, D.C. If eight years is enough for the President, it’s sure more than enough for the members of Congress.