About Max

Max Linn
Born: September 13, 1959
Occupation: Certified Financial Planner, entrepreneur, and political activist.
Max Linn has been a certified financial planner for over thirty years and owns and operates the financial planning firm MaxLinnLSP.com. He is a commercial instrument pilot, and currently spends most of his time in Florida and Maine, where he resides. He has a strong interest in the environment, Congressional term limits, and government fiscal responsibility. Linn has been fortunate to travel most of the world with emphasis in Asia; and has business experience as an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Dubai and Singapore.
Linn pursued his love flying in the early 1980’s. After obtaining his commercial instrument pilot certificate he went on to get his flight instructor certificate and flight instructor instrument certificate along with his multi-engine and seaplane rating. With the goal of a military flying Linn graduated from Louisiana Tech in 1983, with the goal of a military flying career. During his years at Louisiana Tech, he served as a flight instructor to help pay his way through college. Through an unexpected turn of events, Linn ended up pursuing a career in financial markets/stock market. Linn still enjoys his passion for flying with his own private plane.
Linn has been a professional certified financial planner (CFP) for over thirty years. After college (1983) Linn joined the prestigious national firm A.G Edwards based in St. Louis, Missouri, rapidly rising to the position of Vice President of Investments and becoming one of the company’s most respected financial planners in America. After several years, Linn was heavily recruited by other national firms including Raymond James of Tampa, Florida and Merrill Lynch. Instead of accepting any of the offers, in 1995, Linn began his own financial planning practice and established his own broker dealer.  Linn ended up building one of America’s largest and most successful independent financial planning firms. In addition, Linn created continuing education workshops for financial planners and CPAs, which grew into one of the leading workshops in America. He has conducted over 350 workshops, primarily in Florida and Las Vegas, and has helped train over one thousand financial planners nationwide. Linn has been the event keynote speaker for many national investment companies including Renaissance Inc., one of the largest charitable trust administration companies in America. He is frequently quoted as a financial authority in local and national media, including USA Today and Research Magazine. He was a columnist for Tampa Bay Magazine and hosted two financial TV shows. In 2002, Linn sold his independent financial planning firm to a New York Stock Exchange listed company; and has since maintained a consulting businesses, with past and present business in Florida, Maine, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Indonesia, Taiwan, Dubai, Singapore, and  Japan.
Linn has been active in many charitable causes, both locally and nationally. He served as the first director of planned giving for the Florida Holocaust Museum. He was also involved with the Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society, Institute of Financial Planners, and International Association of Financial Planners. Linn established America’s Military Families Foundation, a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of military families impacted by a death or disability.
Linn is one of the most qualified speakers in America to address the need for Congressional term limits. As a lifelong Constitutional American and founder of Florida Citizens for Term Limits, Linn spent more than a decade fighting to establish term limits in the state of Florida. Ultimately his organization succeeded in defeating the Florida legislators whose goal was to maintain their hold on power by overturning a 77% popular vote in support of term limits. Now in pursuit of Congressional term limits on a national basis, Linn established America’s Term Limits Campaign, a grassroots organization that he launched in Iowa in 2015.  When the GOP unilaterally canceled the Iowa Straw Poll, Linn seized the opportunity for his organization to successfully host the first ever online Iowa Straw Poll 2015/2016.  The poll was supported and endorsed by both Republican and Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton, who was photographed holding the full page ad for the poll in the Des Moines Register.  Linn’s Iowa straw poll results were covered by local and national media and posted on the front page of then candidate Donald Trump’s official website. With Donald Trump winning the Republican primary, Linn started DonaldTrumpPatriots.com, an online petition drive which has had millions of Americans signing up — to promote Congressional term limits and to encourage President Donald Trump to support them. Linn and the Donald Trump Patriots movement achieved success when Donald Trump announced his support of Congressional term limits late in the General Election. Linn now (in 2017)is launching a national campaign for Congressional term limits by working to assemble the required number of states for a Constitutional Convention supporting Congressional term limits.
Convinced that what America really needed was a third-party, a Consitutional Party, Linn entered the 2006 Governor’s race in Florida as a third-party candidate.  He assembled an impressive campaign team which included Ross Perot’s campaign manager, Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura’s campaign manager, America’s most controversial mayor (for lieutenant governor) and Florida’s 2006 teacher of the year.  In spite of that effort, Linn, unable to convince the media to give his third-party campaign any meaningful attention, was defeated.
Today, Max Linn is leading the national campaign and full-time to make Congressional term limits become a reality.