Max Term Limits is a movement calling for congregational term limits. The only way to do this (because what career politician will vote in favor of this?) is to call a constitutional convention ratifying the Constitution of the United States.

We’ll start with the state of Maine and extend this effort to other states.

What are Congressional term limits ?

Term limits are simple to understand — simply stated we don’t want politicians to make their political office a career. It is not uncommon for politicians to stay in office for thirty and forty years, sometimes even longer, for life. Term limits supporters feel that these people lose touch with ordinary people, lose touch with the people they represent. They end up making political office their career rather than a service to the people. Term limits is not a new idea,  America’s original thirteen colonies supported it, and it was vigorously supported by all of our founding fathers — except that the concept of term limits was left out of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We feel Congressional term limits is truly the missing Constitutional amendment; and, with your help,  we can fill that void.
In 1951 a Constitutional amendment for term limits on the Presidency was enacted — the President of the United States can now serve a maximum of eight years — but, unfortunately, Congressional lawmakers did not pass the same law relative to themselves. With your help we can make another Constitutional amendment mirroring the one already in place for the President. If eight years is long enough for the President, it’s long enough for all members of Congress. Currently many state legislatures have term limits, and even thirty-six governors have term limits; but there’s nothing for our members of Congress in Washington DC.
Our Constitution allows for the people and their state legislative representatives to bypass the U.S. Congress and institute Congressional term limits through Article 5 in our Constitution. This is precisely where we need your support. Please join our cause and together let’s bring ordinary citizens to Washington DC representing the people and their needs as opposed to career politicians who are all too often self-serving and focused on their all important “re-elect-me-for-life” syndrome.