Interview With Nick Tomboulides of US Term Limits

Max: We’re back again to tell you more about term limits and how important it is. My name is Max Linn, and I’m heading up the campaign in the state of Maine for congressional term limits, which I think is really the single most important thing that all of you can get behind. You know, there is an Article V in our Constitution that allows the states to bypass Congress. The real question is do you want to keep politicians in Washington as long as they want to stay or should we limit their terms? Today, the president has eight years and we feel people in Congress need to limit their terms also. Today with us is Nick Tomboulides and he’s the Executive Director for US Term Limits out of Washington, DC. Nick, thank you so much for joining us.

Nick: Happy to be here.

Max: Why don’t you share with the group here why do you feel that the campaign is so important for term limits in Congress?

Nick: Sure, well, the Term Limits Campaign is immensely important because term limits is not just the most bipartisan issue in our country, it’s also the most popular political issue in our country. Term limits has 70% to 80% support with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, but it’s still not the law of the land because career politicians in Congress refuse to take action on it.

I think it’s very important that the people are sovereign in our country, that the people decide how our government works. When the people say we don’t want career politicians, we want term limits, that should be the law of our land. This is very important.

Max: Absolutely, and today there is no other subject that cuts across so many borders as term limits. You can have Republicans supporting term limits, Democrats, Independents, pro-life, pro-choice. Again, the gamut cuts across all borders. Why don’t we have term limits in Congress today? It’s not a matter of lack of desire because everybody watching this statistically wants term limits, or at least in my opinion upwards of 90% of everybody watching this right now, but why don’t we have it? What we really need is the action step from the people. Why don’t you share with our audience today what is the action step that we need to take?

Nick: Sure, well, the founding fathers of our country were brilliant. Even in 1787, they knew that there would come a time when the Congress refused to do what was right and the people needed a safety valve to go around Congress and achieve things like term limits that the Congress refused to do. The founders created something in our Constitution called the Article V Convention. Using this process, we the people can go into our state legislatures, ask our state legislatures to pass resolutions for a congressional term limits convention, and once 34 states have passed those resolutions, the states can collaborate and meet and propose a term limits amendment and that amendment can go back to the states to become part of the Constitution. You do an end run around Congress. You get that self interest component out of the way, and you finally deliver for the people the term limits that they’ve always wanted.

Max: This is something, as I’m heading this up in the state of Maine, we need to get active and get this into our legislature to bring it up. They’ll pass it, but they have to hear from we the people. Check out and we’re really putting forth a march, but we need the people to demand from all our representatives in the state that we want and we demand congressional term limits. It’s in our … That’s the way the states can … It’s the only part of the … It’s the only way that the people in the states can bypass Congress. Congress has all the power. They’ve talked about passing it, but in my opinion, I don’t know how you feel, they’re never going to pass it because they’re careerists, they’re self-serving, and it’s time for them to go, both Republicans and Democrats. It’s we the people that need to take back charge of the original document, which points out we’re supposed to have the power. They’re supposed to be serving us. I don’t know about you people watching today, but do you really think all the representatives in Washington are really representing you, or are they interested in re-election at all costs? I think it’s most definitely re-election.

Nick: Yeah, politicians go to Washington without question. They have good intentions and then after a certain amount of time they fall in bed with the lobbyists and the special interests and it becomes less about public service and more about feathering their own nests, building those empires, constantly building power in Washington, DC. The only way to break that cycle is with term limits. With term limits, there are two major benefits. You get the career politicians out and you get fresh faces, fresh voices, and new ideas in.

Max: It’s about time.

Nick: Our country needs fresh ideas desperately.

Max: I live in Maine. I live in Bar Harbor. I’m a Maine resident, and as I said earlier, I’m heading up the campaign in Maine, need your help. Go to our website, Let’s get behind this resolution and let’s make it the law of the land. Any last things you’d like to share with our viewers?

Nick: I think the only thing I would like to share at this point is just to remember that we the people are the real rulers of this country. We are the career politician’s employers and we can instruct them on what to do. In this case, get into the state House, go to the capital, and tell you Maine state legislatures to pass the Term Limits Convention Single Issue Resolution for this.

Max: Yeah, and as I said, feel free to contact us. We’re here. We want to hear from you. Also, keep in mind, this has been one of the most interesting political years with now Donald Trump as president.

For those of you listening, you either like Trump or you don’t. You either like him or you don’t, but irrelevant of that, there is no one man or one person who’s going to make America great again. Even if you’re a Trump supporter, eventually he’s going to be out and then what do we have back? If you’re not a Trump supporter, there is a golden opportunity to take advantage of this moment here because we’ve created such a stir with the American people. Even though Donald Trump has said before the campaign he would support term limits, he might come out and say it again. He hasn’t since, I haven’t seen him talk about it, but irrelevant from that, I think there’s a golden opportunity with him in office and talking about it for us to carry the ball over the finish line, so to say, and really come together, unite together for a common cause, a political reform, through congressional term limits. It’s a non-partisan issue. Let’s get behind the charge for term limits. Let’s get these career politicians the heck out of Washington. Hopefully you’ll join us, We’ll talk to you next time.

Fake News

Fake news. Headlines are everywhere. The Republicans say the Democrats have fake news. The Democrats say the Republicans have fake news. Let me tell you what the real fake news is. It’s in Washington. It’s called our United States Congress. That’s fake news.

They’re sitting there as careers. They stay there for 10, 20, 30 years, till they die. They never get out. They run for election again and again, and they never stop rerunning for election. They come home and BS their constituents, tell you what you want to hear and then back they go. If anything, this last year in politics has created a big stir.

We want you to add to the stir and get behind us at We’re going to lead the way with the Term Limits Convention Article 5 in the State of Maine. We need 34 states, we need your help. It’s time that the people stand up in Maine and say, we’ve had enough of this, career politicians. We’re going to show the rest of the country that when Maine unites together for a common cause of reform, and we mean business, we’re going to take a leadership position and throw these people out of Washington, D.C. If eight years is enough for the President, it’s sure more than enough for the members of Congress.

Donald Trump And Term Limits

Whether you’re for Trump or against him is irrelevant. The fact is, he’s not going to be there forever, but he sure is causing a hell of a storm, isn’t he?

Boy, he’s on that immigration now. Now really, he’s just doing everything he campaigned on. He did talk about term limits, the only presidential candidate with any substance that really talked about term limits.

The funny thing is, since he’s been in office, he’s never brought it up again. We’re here to remind him we’re going to lead with the State of Maine.

We’re going to get a term limits convention. We need your help. We’re going to be coming to you on a regular basis, talking about statewide news and national news, and how term limits can affect it.

The Four Problems With Government

Hi I’m Max Linn and am excited to bring my years of experience in business, activism, and knowledge about term limits to the state of Maine.

I’ll be coming to you with a series of videos and other resources related to this issue. Together, we can mobilize toward meaningful change related to Congressional term limits!

Please share this with your friends, sign the petition, join our email list, and stay in touch as we mobilize. Thanks.

Transcript: What we see in the media today is everything he’s promised he said he was going to do, he’s doing. It’s taking our eye off the ball. The real problems, which are really four areas.

The Federal Reserve, which is collapsing our dollar. Number two, the media, which is distorting the news every chance it gets.

Number three, and probably the biggest one, is our intelligence community for the first time in its existence, is actually going against our new president. Which really makes us wonder what has been happening over the last five, 10, 15, 20 years when we see the real exposure of our media lying to us. We see the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low, really bankrupting the middle class. Now we have the intelligence agency coming out, and it’s showing its level of corruption.

Not only has it lied under oath, which is a criminal offense, which they’re getting off. As we see it continue, we don’t know how really deep it goes.

The fourth problem, and the one I want to address today, is our United States Congress, which has proven to be nothing but a lack of leadership. I think the statistics show that we the people are fed up. That’s why we’re heading up the term limits movement, not only throughout the country but specifically in the state of Maine.

What we need you to do is we need you to get active. We can’t just let the political climate keep going without our action. Let’s take action at Come to our website, get active, take an active role in your government whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent. We want to see you active with the term limits movement. Let’s really make some real change, let’s raise some ruckus throughout the country, and in the state of Maine by getting effective and meaningful change in Congress.