The Four Problems With Government

Hi I’m Max Linn and am excited to bring my years of experience in business, activism, and knowledge about term limits to the state of Maine.

I’ll be coming to you with a series of videos and other resources related to this issue. Together, we can mobilize toward meaningful change related to Congressional term limits!

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Transcript: What we see in the media today is everything he’s promised he said he was going to do, he’s doing. It’s taking our eye off the ball. The real problems, which are really four areas.

The Federal Reserve, which is collapsing our dollar. Number two, the media, which is distorting the news every chance it gets.

Number three, and probably the biggest one, is our intelligence community for the first time in its existence, is actually going against our new president. Which really makes us wonder what has been happening over the last five, 10, 15, 20 years when we see the real exposure of our media lying to us. We see the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low, really bankrupting the middle class. Now we have the intelligence agency coming out, and it’s showing its level of corruption.

Not only has it lied under oath, which is a criminal offense, which they’re getting off. As we see it continue, we don’t know how really deep it goes.

The fourth problem, and the one I want to address today, is our United States Congress, which has proven to be nothing but a lack of leadership. I think the statistics show that we the people are fed up. That’s why we’re heading up the term limits movement, not only throughout the country but specifically in the state of Maine.

What we need you to do is we need you to get active. We can’t just let the political climate keep going without our action. Let’s take action at Come to our website, get active, take an active role in your government whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent. We want to see you active with the term limits movement. Let’s really make some real change, let’s raise some ruckus throughout the country, and in the state of Maine by getting effective and meaningful change in Congress.